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At HW Dance we like to celebrate when ever and where ever we can! We love celebrating the seasons and going the extra mile to show our dancers that we care, while also having fun! So often in dance schools the pressure of competitions can get overwhelming, and those who don't do competitions often can feel left out. At our school we show all our students that we care, and we also like to remind them, that dance is fun!

We do this by giving little treats at Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day and Easter, as well as having theme classes! On Valentines days our students write words of affirmation to their friends in their class, to help with team building and support.

We also have little in house competitions for some of our competitive teams, and all our classes have the opportunity to gain 3 medals a year with our 'yearly goal checks!'At the start of the year every student wright down 3 goals for each class that they want to achieve in each class, we will check these goals at Christmas, Easter and Summer. Once they have hit these goals they gain a medal, as well as a new skill! 

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Team Cloud 2023


SR Acro 2023


Competitive Dance Team 2024


Team Zephyr 2024

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